Monday, March 31, 2008

Praise be to age

In Indonesia, as well as in many other parts of Asia, age is not viewed as a debilitating sickness that ought to make you seek refuge in some random retirement house among your peers. Much to the contrary: it is what gives you your rightful place in society. This TV ad from a cigarette company (ok... sorry for the source) is a funny example of this cultural bias. You don't need to understand anything except for their tag line "Not old yet. Not yet allowed to talk".

I'm having some problems with Blogger apparently, so you can also watch it here


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Anonymous said...

that's a really stupid ad, their previous ads were a lot better, at least lot smarter and I do hate the fact that people pay more respect to seniors (only due to their age) even though they know nothing about something and refuse to take advice from the young and intelligent ones